Jewellery Care Instructions

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Our accessories are made of S925 silver and natural freshwater pearls.

Tips for Wearing Silver Jewelry

  1. Remove jewelry when engaging in heavy or strenuous activities to prevent deformation or loss caused by pulling.
  2. When not wearing jewelry, store it separately. If you don't have a dedicated jewelry box, at least use a jewelry pouch or wrap it in thick, soft fabric before storing.
  3. It's best to remove jewelry when sleeping or bathing to prevent damage while sleeping and to avoid chemical elements in bath products accelerating the oxidation of silver jewelry.
  4. When wearing silver rings, avoid wearing other precious metal jewelry to prevent collision deformation or scratches.
  5. Avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals, and refrain from wearing jewelry while swimming, especially in the sea.
  6. After wearing it daily, clean it with a cotton cloth and store it in a sealed jewelry box or pouch.
  7. If the jewelry has oxidized and turned black, you can use a soft-bristled brush with toothpaste to scrub it, or use a silver polishing cloth. If these methods don't work, try wiping it with alcohol pads. After cleaning, dry it with a cotton cloth.

My Item is Broken. Can You Fix IT?

We can often repair jewellery that has been damaged or broken. We generally ask that you send your item back to our London Studio for assessment so we can advise of the necessary action and fee for the repair. Please note, the repairs process can take up to 20 working days and is not available for all pieces. To begin your repair, please contact our Customer Care team and attach an image of the piece: .