Soulful Pearl Jewelry Design with Substance

At the heart of the Angel Barocco brand is our pursuit of individuality, uniqueness, and freedom. Our designs are crafted to make every woman stand out confidently and brilliantly in a crowd. We use high-quality, natural freshwater pearls, Baroque pearls and 925 sterling silver as our canvas, perfectly encapsulating the uniqueness of each pearl jewelry to suit every woman's individuality.

Beautiful design, got this as a gift and it was well loved! Good quality and shipping was quite fast. Definitely recommend if you are looking for unique, well-made jewelry.
Suzan B
Amazing quality and care! My husband ordered a necklace from Angel Barocco.They make flawless items and it was perfection. I came into contact with thecare team and they were so wonderful.I couldn't recommend them more highly.
Jennifer Sheppard
Purchased pearl drop earrings andmatching necklace as a Christmaspresent, and they looked amazing! Would purchase from AB again :)
Anna Barker
Great quality, wonderful customer support! The purchase for my earrings was an urgent buy, I bought for the wedding of my sister, Jess arranged with an express postal service, which arrived just in time.
Oliver Browne
Having bought a pair of earrings as a birthday present, we had to send them back as my wife couldn't get them in herears! Too late for a refund but arranged for an exchange. Jess could not have been more helpful or responsive. Excellent quality and service.
Willian Hill
I bought myself the Pearl drop earrings for my wedding day and my husband surprised me with the matching necklace! They are really good quality and looked amazing in photos!
Luanna Walker
pearl bracelet

What occasions are suitable for wearing a pearl bracelet

Pearl bands are now used for a wide variety of occasions. They enhance the formal events' aesthetic appeal, such as weddings and galas. They provide a little sheen to suits and dresses. Both formal and informal gatherings could be enjoyed. To seem flirtatious, you may even wear them every day. The occasion on which you find yourself holding a bracelet is irrelevant.
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freshwater and saltwater pearls

What is the difference between freshwater and saltwater pearls

There are some differences between these pearls. Freshwater ones are found in rivers and lakes. The sea is the source of seawater pearls. The forms and hues of fresh pearls are quite diverse. Seawater pearls are typically lustrous and round. Pearls from freshwater sources may be less costly. Pearls from freshwater may cost more. Each of them is unique in its own unique manner. Pick the one that suits you the most.

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freshwater pearl necklace

What are the best occasions to wear a freshwater pearl necklace

These freshwater pearl necklaces are best for a wide range of settings. Parties and weddings are ideal settings for them to shine. They provide a touch of refinement to your work attire. Even for less formal gatherings, they function well. Gorgeous pearls make every piece of clothing seem better. Anywhere, they look nice. They constantly assist you in projecting an air of elegance and beauty. Pearls are a classy choice for any event.

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