Angel Barocco

Our Story

With nearly 20 years of experience in the women's fashion industry, I've journeyed through various phases, from accessories to clothing, from design studios to factory floors, from retail stores to industry exhibitions, and beyond. This precious voyage has been a blend of highs and lows, dreams and realities intricately woven together.

Over these two decades of life and career, I've come to
realize that women ontinually dedicate their spirits and energies to family, careers, loved ones, friends, children, and more. We experience both pain and joy, but what exactly fuels our ability to traverse through this life with
increased happiness and fulfillment?

Unique. Irregular. Independent

Baroque Pearl Meaning

We learnt from life that, beyond physical well-being, it's crucial to release and relax one's spirit, mood, and emotions to gain the motivation needed to achieve set goals and fulfill one's mission. We are an independent, unique, irregular, free-spirited, and optimistic woman. I firmly believe that I can even influence every woman around me to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams without constraints, and radiate their uniquecharm and brilliance. Hence, I founded Angel Barocco, committed to creating and offering unique Baroque pearl and natural pearl jewelry that reflects the wearer's style and personality. To us, these pieces are not merely accessories; they are extensions of the wearer's identity and strength.

Soulful Design with Substance

At the heart of the Angel Barocco brand is our pursuit of individuality, uniqueness, and freedom. Our designs are crafted to make every woman stand out confidently and brilliantly in a crowd. We use high-quality, natural freshwater pearls and 925 sterling silver as our canvas, perfectly encapsulating the uniqueness of each pearl to suit every woman's individuality.

In Our Design Stud

Our Jewelry Makers

Angel Barocco a testament to the creative vision of its jewelry makers. Nestled within the heart of our bustling design studio, these artisans meticulously craft every piece, infusing it with their passion and expertise. Inspired by the profound symbolism of pearls, especially natural freshwater farmed pearls, the designers at Angel Barocco have embarked on a journey to redefine jewelry as a means of self-expression.

In our design stud, where imagination knows no bounds, each jewelry piece tells a unique story. Pearls, chosen for our timeless elegance and meaningful symbolism, are transformed into exquisite fashion accessories that resonate with our customers. Every Angel Barocco creation reflects our dedication to craftsmanship and the deep understanding of the pearl's significance. When you shop our fashion accessories, you're not just acquiring jewelry; you're embracing a piece of art, culture, and personal expression.


We specialize in creating jewellery using natural pearls and 925 silver, which are of the highest quality. Our focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing ensures that each piece is crafted with care and consideration for the planet and its people. We take pride in using only the finest materials, which makes our jewellery not only beautiful but also long-lasting.

Our Aim

With over two decades of experience in fashion and life, we have crafted a unique jewelry style that not only seamlessly integrates the clever pairing of attire and accessories but also distinctly showcases individuality and independence. In every design, we pay attention to the harmony of detail and the whole, ensuring each piece of jewelry complements your outfit while expressing your unique style. Our aim is to create fashionable yet practical pieces, allowing you to confidently express yourself and exhibit your unparalleled charm in any setting.

At Angel Barocco, we aim to inspire our customers to express their unique style, individuality and personality freely with our timeless and elegant creations. Our designers are inspired by the individuality of Baroque pearls and create each piece to reflect the wearer's personality and unique symbolism. We believe that jewellery should be personal and unique, and we strive to make our pieces one-of-a-kind, just like our customers.

Brand Vision

We firmly believe that every wearer's jewelry should be personalized and distinctive, and we strive to make our creations as unique as our customers. Angel Barocco's vision is to become the preferred destination for those seeking ersonalized and unique adornments. We hope that through meticulously crafted jewelry, we inspire our customers to express their individuality proudly and become a symbol of freedom, independence, personality, and self-expression for all wearers.

--- Anagel Barocco